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Peace and Purpose
Do you ever wish for some way---any way!---to slow down and find some balance? The best solution might be to add one more thing to your list: Psalm 85 Ministries!

It might seem counter-intuitive, but we’ve found that investing time on spiritual things can bring peace and a clear perspective for the rest of life. If you're ready to make an investment in your life, if today is that day, we stand ready to walk along side you in your journey. If you have a question, contact us here.

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Guest Speaker
I would like to introduce Matt Moore, a man who has committed himself to an Exodus most of us will never have to commit to.
And while we may not have his 'problem', we all have come to, or come out of, a very similar situation: the trap of sin.

Yep, plain old sin. Don't be fooled though, 'plain old sin' still works for the Adversary of your soul very, very well. And if you 'discount' it... it works that much better---for him, against you.

Take a look, or more precisely take a read. Good Stuff. Thank you Matt Moore for being the Courageous Man that you are.
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